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DendenzHowdy pretty people, long time no talk. I heard a lil' ol' rumor that one Phonomonon was back from the dead. Y'all still active? Was thinking about creepin' back into the fold mayhaps.
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TimefactorCurrently recruiting all classes and specs while we get ready for Legion!
TimefactorIt's with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Carbonf has passed away. Funeral is on Sunday Aug. 7th from 13:00 to 16:00 at Carmons Funeral Home in Granby CT, If you're near there and want to pay your respects, feel free to do so. Carb was a good friend, I didn't know him outside the game but he's been my friend for 12 years. :(

RIP buddy!
TimefactorChanges that are coming up in the 7.0 build. have a read some stuff seems to be going back to the days of Vanilla and BC.. For example, changing specs will now cost gold and that cost increases with use. Dual Spec will be removed because of this change.
Legion Pre-Expansion Patch PTR Notes
The Legion Pre-Expansion Patch is now ready for testing on the Public Test Realms (PTR). Participating on the Public Test Realms lets you test a patch before it has been released o...
Timefactor   The ones worth noting..

1. Appearances tab for transmogs.. can now setup sets for quick transmogs.

2. Ruins of AQ will now reset daily for those trying to get transmog gear.

3. Cloaks, Rings and Necks will no longer have Spirit or Bonus Armor.

4. Multistrike has been removed from the game.

5. Old set bonuses (Pre WoD) have been disabled.

6. Dual Spec has been removed. It now costs gold to switch specs and the cost increases with use.

7. Player talents can only be changed in a rested XP area.

8. Glyphs have been removed. Some minor glyphs have been converted to cosmetic items. Other minor glyphs have been added to the spells themselves in the spellbook.

9. Draenor Perks are being removed from the game.

10. All classes can wear their gear type from level 1. ie.. Hunters and Shamans can wear mail at level 1, etc.

11. Inscriptors (since Glyphs don't exist anymore) can now make Vantus Runes (consumable that gives you an advantage against one raid boss each week)

12. Max gold now set to 9,999,999 for both players and Guild.

13. Max characters per realm set to 12
TimefactorThe metamorphose ability
TimefactorDemon Hunter testing during Alpha Testing :)
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